How to Get Your Own Principles for Success

The success of any kind, whether it’s life, business, career, or relationship, can be achieved through disciplining yourself and learning own principles through the mistakes and debating with others.

Failing and doing the mistakes is important for being realistic and open-minded at the same time. Ray Dalio has learned to do that and now is teaching others how to come up with own principles and become successful.

How to Think Rich and Live Wealthy Life

In this video, you will learn how to fix your psychology, the mindset, in order to be and live wealthy and happy life. T Harv Eker talks about how to think rich in order to get rich, and also that life is not just about the money but enjoyment, passion, and happiness.

Anything that anyone wants to achieve in life, starts with the first thought. All actions start with thinking first and then acting upon the thinking.